why we are different


Welcome to our practice. Our goal is to help you fully understand your dental issues so that you can be confident in selecting the ideal treatment for yourself. While there are many ways to approach a given problem, we strive to give our patients options. Our preference is to give each individual the most predictable result in the least invasive manner. We do this by constantly updating our skills in the newest procedures while using biotechnology to enhance our results whenever possible. But even the best care becomes insignificant unless it is given in a caring and compassionate environment. We make every effort to achieve the most comfortable setting for each patient. “Let us help you restore what nature has taken away.”


We are one of the most experienced specialist offices in the areas having started in 1980. Our practice has been exclusively focused towards periodontics (treatment of gum disease and gum recession) along with dental implants. This means we are equipped to treat the simplest to most complex problems in these areas. With his 30+ years of experience Dr. Low spends time mentoring many of the dentists in our area by providing them with advanced training in Dental Implants. We are also among the most highly rated dental offices in Consumers Checkbook and Dr. Oogle.


We constantly attend continuing education and dental conferences to expand our knowledge on the latest technology. Use of biotechnology greatly enhanced the outcomes of many of our procedures. We utilize computer aided implant placement, which not only increases predictability but speeds healing as well as comfort.


We strive to obtain the most predictable results with the least invasive manner. Use of biotechnology has helped us greatly in this area. We are one of only a few of offices that can offer a non-surgical alternative to treatment of gum disease in selected situations by utilizing perioscopy treatment.

Respect for your TIME

We realize that your time is important and will make every effort to see you at your scheduled appointment time. We work effectively and efficiently to minimize procedure delays.

Respect for your COMFORT

Many people are anxious about their dental visits. Making you comfortable will alleviate any anxiety you may experience.   To help you relax, we can provide personal headphones, sedative medications or intravenous sedation.

Respect for your SAFETY

We have established a state of the art sterilization program to ensure safety of both patients and staff. This includes heat sterilization of dental instruments and broad use of disposable products and cross-contamination barriers. We’ll be glad to explain our detailed safety procedures to you at your visit.