Periodontist Myths and Facts

Myth: Periodontists are only needed in the most challenging and complex implant and Periodontal (gum) cases.

Fact: Periodontal specialists recognize the difference between a simple case and a complex one. When there is a challenging case, periodontists know what to do by utilizing Computer 3-D Guided Placement and Biotechnology.

Myth: My family dentist says he can place implants.

Fact: A periodontist has 2-3 years additional specialized training beyond dental school to focus solely on dealing with the placement of implants and treatment of gum problems. A dentist may see a handful of cases a year amid the drilling and filling. A periodontist focuses soley on implants and gum problems treating hundreds, if not thousands, of patients.

Myth: Surgery is the only treatment for gum disease.

Fact: Specialists often see patients with advanced gum disease in which surgery is Required. However, there are non-surgical options such as scaling and root planing, frequent cleanings for close monitoring, and non-invasive Perioscopy treatment in selected situations.

Myth: All gum grafts require an unpleasant removal from the roof of the mouth.

Fact: The use of new biotechnology products has allowed us to avoid removing tissue from the roof of the mouth in many occasions.

Myth: My dentist says he can use lasers to treatment my gum disease so I don’t need see a specialist.

Fact: While lasers have a use in dentistry, research has clearly shown that laser treatment does not have any benefit over conventional treatment. In fact, it could delay needed treatment causing conditions to worsen.