Periodontic Patient Testimonials

  • jenniferl, Los Altos, CA
    Dr Low was amazing. I was nervous about the procedure and he was calm and soothing. Explained everything. When he gave me the novicane shots it didn’t even hurt at all. The surgery flew by without any pain. Dr Low even called the night of the surgery to see how I was doing. Amazing!

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5 stars James M Customer since 1994

As always the excellent service, professional & friendly staff, plus a caring attitude prevail as the reason why I have been returning for almost 20 years! Thanks, again, for everything!

I highly recommend Dr. Low and his staff for their talent and professionalism. In the past 9 months I have had 2 soft tissue graft surgeries performed by Dr. Howard Low in Sunnyvale, and both the upper left and upper right were very successful. No pain. No discomfort. Just great work!

About Front Desk: Excellent!

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Professional as always and again, stress free. You don’t even think about the fact that you are in a dental chair. I have been going for so long that it is almost like visiting extended family! Appreciation goes both ways, too. Everyone in Dr. Low’s office, which of course includes Dr. Low, gives you the feeling of being appreciated as a patient. Thank you.

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Dr. Low is amazing! I couldn’t believe how low-anxiety he and his office staff were able to make a gingival graft. The whole procedure was quick and easy, too. Gingival grafting certainly isn’t something you have done just for fun, but Dr. Low and his crew certainly made the experience a positive one in the end! If I need more work on the ole’ gums, I’ll definitely come here.

About Front Desk: The front desk staff are amazing! They are extremely professional, and very patient and contribute to the overall calming atmosphere of Dr. Low’s office. That’s something when you can say a periodontist’s office is calming!

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“This is my second extraction/implant procedure with Dr. Low, the first taking place some 9 years ago. Howard Low is, in my view, nothing less than the Gold Standard for this kind of procedure. His skill, professionalism, and attention to his patient’s comfort and understanding of the procedure are world class. He works gently but with great efficiency and you never spend much time in his office. His office staff are warm, friendly, efficient and professional-just like their boss. Dr. Low’s rates seem to be on a par with what some of my friends have payed for their implants. He isn’t cheap; but then the “A Team” is never cheap”

Adamd, San Mateo, CA

“It took me awhile to select the right doctor. Dr Low was recommended to me as “the best in his field – he teaches other doctors to perform periodontal and implant procedures…” As a patient with challenging physiology, I recommend Dr Low to anyone who is concerned with professional capability, caring and honest treatment.”

O. G.

“I have had implants, gum grafting (different areas, different times) and gum surgery to treat pockets. All treatments were successfully performed by a “perfectionist” (Dr. Low) as noticed by two different family dentists during routine dental examines. I was seeing another periodontist 20 + yrs. ago who I felt was too aggressive in the treatment approach. After seeking recommendations, I started seeing Dr. Howard Low. I appreciate his conservative approach to treatment plans and his easy going, professional manner and generosity with his time to explain and make sure that I am the one to make the choice from explained recommendations, after given all the pros and cons. In other words, he does not “pressure” you! He gives a clear and straight forward picture of what to expect based on options and your decision. Also, I see a hygienist every 6 months for cleaning, alternating with my dentist. Each one is also a “perfectionist” in keeping me on track. Because of my dental health history going back before Dr. Low, plus my family genetics, I am convinced I would not have maintained the healthy mouth that I enjoy today in my late 60’s, without Dr. Howard Low and entire staff. Makes me smile!”

Elaine L.

“I have been going to Dr. Low for over 20 years and he and his staff are always friendly, greet me with a smile, are caring and sensitive to my problems and needs, and make me feel comfortable and relaxed. They are very gentle and make sure I’m feeling no pain, and explain each procedure so I know what’s being done. When I developed a rare cancer and was receiving the latest chemotherapy drug combinations, Dr. Low was already knowledgeable about those drugs and took the time to explain relevant precautions and the potential impact and interaction with my periodontal treatments. Because they all go out of their way to provide great service, I will definitely be their patient for life and highly recommend them to anybody.”

E. A. M.

“I have been seeing Dr. Low for many years. I recently enrolled in a HMO dental plan to save money. This meant I had to go to a dentist on the list. After visiting some of the offices on the list, I realized I was already getting the best dental care, in an office I felt totally comfortable at and that saving money was not most important, good care is. I called Dr. Low’s office and the staff was happy to make me an immediate appointment.”


“Doctor is exceptionally knowledgeable and courteous. He is very mindful of patient comfort. He does an excellent job of considering patient’s overall and specific health concerns as they relate to periodontics. He explains prospective procedures clearly. Dr. Low phoned me on Thanksgiving Day (2007) to see how I was doing following an implant. This was outstanding thoughtfulness and medical care.”


“I have been a patient of Dr. Low’s for my first titanium implant. Dr. Low has the most remarkable “chairside” manner. He is sincerely dedicated to his patients, explains in detail the procedure and makes sure you understand and are comfortable with the procedure. He has a friendly, professional staff, which made me feel very welcomed and he has made certain his staff is the foundation of his dentistry with their knowledge on billing and insurance. The staff has an innate ability to make the patient feel welcomed.”


“I have a dental-phobia. I dread getting my teeth worked on for any reason. Boy, was I surprised at how quick and easy my dental implant procedure was. Dr. Low’s expertise and professionalism are top-notch and made me feel very comfortable fro the start. I have been completely satisfied with my experience with Dr. Low and his staff and would definitely recommend his services without hesitation.”


“Excellent care, knowledgeable staff, definitely recommend Dr. Low, who is bright and capable. The staff are extremely friendly, and his work is top notch.”


“Great doctor! Dr. Low performed two grafting procedures for me, one in 2003 and one in 2005. In both case, the results were great! We’re talking 3-4 and 4-5 teeth long grafts here. He is very patient, explains everything involved before, during and after the procedure, asks for your feedback and possible questions repeatedly. The operation is almost painless; his follow up procedure is very good. Also nice and professional staff.”


“I think Dr. Low is the best. I had a gum graft procedure and didn’t even feel him giving me the shots in my mouth. From the start to finish I had not pain. Thank you Dr. Low.would highly him for this procedure. Dr. Low and staff made me feel very comfortable.”


“I highly recommend Dr. Low. He is very confident and thorough. He obviously knows his stuff, which is probably the most important factor when you are having surgery in your mouth.”